PowerMates® by Green Turtle Bay Vitamin Co

PowerMates® by Green Turtle Bay Vitamin Co

Green Turtle Bay Vitamin Co
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PowerVites®, the original Green Turtle Bay multi-vitamin formula that increases energy levels. A complete multi-vitamin/mineral formula for the energy you need to deal with today's stressful life.

  •     Probiotic lactobacilli base to help with digestion and decrease bad bacteria counts
  •     No stomach irritating iron
  •     No vitamin burp!
  •     Nourish your immune system!
  •     Includes important food ingredients: chondroitin sulfate, bee pollen and odorless garlic
  •     Amino acid chelate mineral for absorption
  •     Chromium picolinate to help maintain normal blood sugar levels
  •     Boron, a trace element required for calcium absorption
  •     Take 2 daily with food -maintenance or 4 daily for therapeutic use

qty: 200 count

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