At MVP Pharmacy we have spent years providing high quality products and pharmaceutical services. We are proud to cater our services to New Jersey.

Ever since 1979, the time when our pharmacy was established, we made a commitment to be a community-centric and independent pharmacy. In so many ways, we are more than just a pharmacy!

In our store - we are staffed with hardworking employees who are always willing to go the extra mile to meet your every need.

Online - we are also staffed to make life easy for you by being available through phone, text, or chat. You can also shop for your everyday needs right here on our online store.



"This pharmacist goes above and beyond in helping his clients. He has personally taken the time to show me how to use my nebulizer, and followed up to make sure I am doing it right. If every medical professional was as kind and caring, then we would all be very lucky!"

— Sophia G.


"I was sent here by our Pediatrician after CVS and Walgreens both told us they just could NOT order what was prescribed for our child. And if they overrode it, then it would cost over $250 and they won't take insurance. Middle Village not only helped with ordering the correct medicine, they also applied a store coupon which brought the prince down to a very reasonable copay. I have transferred ALL my family's prescriptions to Middle Village. The customer service was personal and outstanding. I would never go anywhere else again. Middle Village has a customer for life."

— Mike R.


"I was a little skeptical about this pharmacy because I'm so used to my local CVS pharmacy, but my dermatologist recommended this place, and I'm sure glad I came here. The staff, (especially Michael & Marissa) were very helpful & empathetic with my current health situation. I definitely don't mind taking the extra drive to this pharmacy."

— Margeaux Z.


"I love MVP! Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I like supporting a small business in my neighborhood rather then the big chain pharmacy where you are just money to them. Make the switch to Middle Village, you will not be disappointed!"

— Renee K.


"Excellent experience with this pharmacy. Finds coupons for my more expensive medications, sends the prescriptions quickly to my home, and even checks in if I forgot to fill a refill. Customer service over the phone is quick and friendly."

— Rebecca E.