For Providers

Here's How We're Different

As soon as we receive your prescription, we will begin to work directly with your patients to ensure their medication is covered, address any pricing issues and provide alternatives if necessary.

We also help by initiating the Prior Authorization Process and by creating protocols customized to the needs of your office. Our hands-on approach will reduce the amount of callbacks you receive and the paperwork that ends up back on your desk.

We combine our expertise in PBM navigation with a thorough approach to benefits verification and key industry relationships to provide your patients with the medication they need at the lowest possible cost, for both branded and generics.

Partnership Approach

Free Delivery 

We have been offering free and safe local delivery to patients since day one.

Telemedicine Approach

Whether you are seeing patients in your office or through Telemedicine, our approach remains the same.

Prescribing Information

There are different ways to get your prescriptions to Middle Village Phamarcy. The easiest and most convenient way is through your EMR (Electronic Medical Record). You may also submit your prescriptions by faxing a prescription form. If you need assistance adding your local Middle Village Pharmacy to your EMR please contact us.

It is always good measure to verify prescription, dosage and refills to minimize delays and call-backs. Any special instructions should be noted in the notes/comment section of the enrollment form or e-script.

In the event you need to call in your prescription, please contact us directly. Patients are able to request refills and transfer their scripts securely using our online request form.