Why Middle Village Pharmacy Chose Nordic Naturals

Why Middle Village Pharmacy Chose Nordic Naturals

The journey of health is vast, intricate, and deeply personal, shaped by choices and guided by unwavering trust. In our mission at Middle Village Pharmacy (MVP), we continuously scour the market, seeking only the finest products that flawlessly align with our commitment to wellness, exceptional quality, and resolute integrity. Our recent discerning addition of Nordic Naturals to our collection is a shining testament to this pursuit. Here’s why we wholeheartedly believe in Nordic Naturals, and why you, our valued customer, should too.

A Legacy Rooted in Health and Nature

Nestled in Arctic Norway, a region globally revered for its untouched environment and

unmatched purity, lies the foundational story of Nordic Naturals. It’s in this pristine corner of the world that Joar Opheim, the visionary founder, realized the unparalleled power of omega-rich cod liver oil—a timeless staple for health-conscious Norwegians. When his travels led him to sunny California and he was met with a stark void in premium fish oil, Joar felt compelled to bridge this surprising gap. This passionate origin story deeply resonates with us at Middle Village Pharmacy, as it mirrors our enduring commitment: to always offer the unparalleled best to our cherished customers.

ProOmega 2000 by Nordic Naturals

ProOmega® 2000 delivers 2000 mg of EPA and DHA in the highly absorbable 90+% triglyceride molecular form in just two soft gels.*

  • Optimizes cognitive, visual, and neurological health by facilitating cellular flexibility and communication*
  • Supports cardiovascular function by maintaining healthy triglyceride and blood pressure levels*
  • Promotes healthy eye moisture and tear production*

Two soft gels daily, with food, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist.

Revolutionizing Omega-3s with a Vision

Nordic Naturals isn’t just another supplement brand; it is a vision brought to life. The brand stands steadfast in its belief in the transformative might of top-tier nutrients, aiming to deliver tangible, long-lasting health benefits to a global audience. By consistently striving to introduce potent, fresh, and quality fish oil products, they've undoubtedly raised the bar in the omega-3 market. Their relentless, pioneering drive for innovation is evident in the diverse, carefully crafted range of products we proudly showcase—from the universally bestselling 'Ultimate Omega' to the nurturing 'Baby's Vitamin D3'.

"Strongly recommend 3-months order since health takes time.”

Quality and Integrity that Resonate

At the heart of Nordic Naturals lies an unwavering commitment to quality. Their meticulous tests ensure that products remain free from contaminants, upholding standards that exceed international expectations. Their dedication to sustainability, from sourcing fish from responsible fisheries to practicing eco-friendly manufacturing, makes them stand out. Such measures not only guarantee the potency of their products but also their purity and freshness.

A Range Catering to Every Need

At the Middle Village Pharmacy’s online shop, we stock a curated range of Nordic Naturals' bestsellers. Whether it's the antioxidant-rich 'Nordic Berries', the pet-friendly 'Omega-3 Pet', or the specially designed 'Prenatal DHA' for expecting mothers—there's a product tailored for every unique requirement. We recognize the value of specialized care, and with products like 'Joint Support' or the 'Postnatal Omega-3', it's clear that Nordic Naturals does too.

Spotlight on Key Products

Certified Trustworthiness

One remarkable feature of Nordic Naturals, which brilliantly showcases their unrivaled transparency and dedication, is their consumer-centric ability for product verification. After your valued purchase from Middle Village Pharmacy, you can effortlessly enter the specific lot number of your product on the user-friendly Nordic Naturals website. This enables you to view a comprehensive certificate of analysis, gifting you an added layer of trust and peace of mind in the products you consume.

The MVP Advantage

Marrying the exceptional range of Nordic Naturals with MVP Health’s ethos brings an unparalleled advantage to our customers. Beyond merely offering a product, we passionately provide our vast expertise in patient counseling, ensuring that every decision you make is well-informed, tailored, and optimal for your unique health needs.

Your Invitation to Wellness

We didn't merely choose Nordic Naturals for its reputation; we chose it for its proven track record, commitment to innovation, and unwavering dedication to health. As you embark or continue on your enlightening health journey, know with certainty that with Middle Village Pharmacy by your side, you're in the most trustworthy of hands. We invite you to explore the vast Nordic Naturals collection on our online shop and stride confidently towards a radiant, healthier future.